Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

How much will my property will rent for?

Bless Real Estate are experts in property rentals who will inspect your property and benchmark it against similar properties in your area. The overall rental market does fluctuate from time to time but Bless Real Estate will strive to get the maximum, reasonable rent for your property.

How long will it take to find a tenant for my property?

We look for the right market and channels to advertise your property so it's attractive and seen by as many potential tenants as possible. However, you can do small things with your property such as new doors on kitchen cabinets and a fresh lick of paint in a neutral colour to make your property more attractive. Once your property is in the best condition it can be, we send out a photographer to take great photos, which show off your property’s best features. In no time you will have a happy tenant paying regular rent!

How will you find me a tenant?

Bless Real Estate know the local community and property markets inside out. We know just where and when to market and advertise your property for rent. Our strong team of property agents access extensive databases, tap into our large contacts list as well as use smart advertising online, in print and signage where appropriate. We are also social media masters, which means placing a tenant in your home will be quick and easy.

What is the average length of a tenancy agreement?

Usually tenancies for unfurnished properties are between six or twelve months, for furnished properties it is slightly less at three to six months. We keep in regular contact with tenants and if they pay their rent on time and take care of the property we will always try and and renew the lease for a longer period, so you have the stability of a reliable, long term tenant.

What is landlord's insurance?

Landlords insurance protects you in the event of non-payment of rent or damage to your property from a tenant which is over and above the bond value. It also covers you for public liability and limited cover for recovery of certain contents. Bless Real Estate Agents encourage all landlords to have peace of mind and protect themselves and their property with landlord insurance. We highly recommend that owners have an insurance policy in place for their property. 

How much will it cost me to rent with Bless?

Bless offer a boutique property management service without the pricetag. We offer an all inclusive, one stop shop price, which covers leasing fees, management fees, renewal fees and advertising and administration costs. We also know not all properties and situations are the same, so we can offer a tailor made package for you. 

What if I have a property agent but want to move to Bless?

We take the hassle out of this awkward situation for you! All you need to do is let us know your current agents details. We will liase with the old agent to collect the keys and we will even notify your tenants and set up new rental payments in a smooth and professional manner. It's as easy as that and we look after you from day one.

What if I decide to sell my property?

At Bless Real Estate we understand that situations and investments change all the time. Even with a tenant in place you are entitled to sell your home. The strong relationships, which are built from the start between our team and our tenants, mean we can explain honestly and clearly with your tenant, advise them of the sale and help them find a new rental property to move into. 

What are the benefits of using Bless property management?

Our team are focussed on the community and are passionate about property. It is a win-win situation for tenants, landlords and Bless Real Estate when we match the perfect tenant in an ideal property. Our careful checkpoints and preparation before a tenant moves in makes for successful rentals with tenants that look after your property and pay on time. We also keep in regular contact with you so you have peace of mind knowing your property is in the best hands while receiving regular, monthly rent payments. Your investment will be looked after as if it was our own with Bless Real Estate. So contact us today and see how our professional edge and personal customer service will ensure a smooth rental for your property.